Who will win the election? Not the American people.

Regardless of whether President Obama or Governor Romney wins on Tuesday (and I think Obama will), we can count on four more years of war, declining civil liberties, and an increasing deficit.  Neither candidate will close Guantanamo Bay, end the Patriot Act and the NDAA, or cut military spending.

Rather than criticizing Obama’s extensive drone use, Romney has slammed Obama for being weak – as if bombing Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, and possibly even more countries isn’t ‘strong’ enough!

In response, Obama has boasted that military spending has increased throughout his presidency – which is definitely not something to brag about when we’re $16 trillion in debt.

Obama has undoubtedly had an atrocious four years, but I think a Romney presidency would be even worse.  As a young American, it’s extremely disappointing that a president as terrible as Obama is the better option of the two.  But don’t blame me – I voted for Governor Gary Johnson.