Texas Travesty Clips

I’m a staff writer for the Texas Travesty, which is the largest student-produced humor publication in the country. During my time on staff, the Travesty won their sixth ‘Best Local Publication’ award from the readers of the Austin Chronicle. I also campaigned for the Travesty’s Xavier Rotnofsky and Rohit Mandalapu, during their victorious Student Government Executive Alliance election. After the race, I was quoted in the USA Today College.

Most of the Texas Travesty’s work is written in collaboration, and can be read at TexasTravesty.com. However, I am also the Senior Food Critic for the publication, and my reviews can be read below:

“How GreenGos Goes Wrong: It Does NOT Sell Pluckers’ Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings”

“UPS Delivers Disappointment – Not Pluckers”

“Pluckers is the bomb – ISIS is not”

“Sorry Harry Potter, Pluckers Has the Real Magic”

“A Terrifying Night With Buffalo Wild Wings”

“The White House Doesn’t Need A Republican Or A Democratic: It Needs Pluckers”

“I Quit This Travesty: There’s Pluckers To Be Eaten”