“All men must work to stop rape culture” – My column about rape culture for The Seattle Times, as well as The Dallas Morning News, the Sun Sentinel in Florida, The Charlotte Observer in North Carolina, and the Butler Eagle in Pennsylvania).

“The Best Bible Verse-Checks in the History of Rap” – My list of biblical shoutouts in hip-hop for the national religion publication OnFaith.

“A vote for Prop. 1 is for improving lives, public safety” – My opinion column in the Austin American-Statesman regarding Austin’s Prop 1, which deals with the regulations on Uber and Lyft.

Black lives matter—so should their votes” – My essay for Scalawag Magazine arguing that the Electoral College is inherently unfair and structurally racist.

“‘Southern pride’ is not white supremacy” – My column for the The Chicago Tribune. “Don’t show me the Confederate flag and tell me that it’s a symbol of Southern pride. Don’t tell me it’s about “heritage not hate” when we have inherited a world shaped by white supremacy. Don’t tell me that Roof was motivated by Southern pride when the people massacred in a church were Southerners, too.”

“Law allowing guns in buildings at colleges will invite trouble” – My column for The Houston Chronicle. “Texas Senate Bill 11 will provide zero benefits, undermine the UT community’s right to self-govern, and will create (and already has created) a climate of fear.”

“Learning the lessons of rejection” – My op-ed in The Austin American-Statesman. “By no means is it the experience that I wanted, but it’s an experience that everyone needs. Starting today, I’ll be learning one of the most common and most important skills of all: how to deal with rejection.”

“Debate: Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs Be Legalized?” – In Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, I argued that Performance-Enhancing Drugs should be legalized, while Thomas Murray, the president emeritus of the Hastings Center, a non-profit bioethics research institute, argued that PEDs should not be legalized.

“The Texas GOP Stands on a Platform of Ignorance” – I wrote about the problematic stances of the Republican Party of Texas’ 2014 platform for Reason.

““Sodomy” Does Not Mean What You Think it Means” – My column for OnFaith discussing the story of Sodom in the Bible.

“If God Gets the Glory, Does He Also Get the Blame?” – My column for OnFaith: “The doctors who survived Ebola thanked God for their recovery. Whom do we blame for those who don’t recover?”

“Getting to Know: Jessica Jin” – My interview with #CocksNotGlocks protest leader Jessica Jin for Study Breaks Magazine.

“University of Texas Students Weigh in on Affirmative Action” – My interview on National Public Radio on The Takeaway radio show. “I disagree with the use of race at all in the admissions process. It allows people, like Miss. Fisher — who the University already said wouldn’t have been admitted regardless of race — it allows her to resent a certain group of people because they do have an advantage, which I don’t think is necessary.”

“Believing in Equality” – My op-ed about affirmative action for The Huffington Post. “Racism is a form of stupidity that should have no place in education. Regardless of the intentions, choosing one applicant over another based on their skin color — even if only one factor of the decision — is indeed racism.”

“Lake Highlands High School senior stumps for GOP candidate Ron Paul – and hopes for a visit” – Jeffrey Weiss’ article in the Dallas Morning News about my work with Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign.  “McCann’s persistence has driven his school chapter of Youth for Ron Paul to become, officially, the third-largest in the country. He’s done it in a neighborhood that isn’t exactly an obvious hotbed of libertarian politics.”

“CEO parenthood” – Scroll down to read my letter to the editor in the Austin American-Statesman“When male CEOs have children, do we see headlines that read, “CEO adds fatherhood to list of challenges”? Of course not. It’s sad to see that we’re expected to be surprised that females can balance their work life and their family life just as well as their male counterparts can.”

“Where’s the line?” – My ‘Firing Line” about an Islamophobic ad that ran in The Daily Texan.

“College Student Pens Amazingly Sexist Blog Post, Ruins Chances Of Ever Getting A Date Again” – A Huffington Post article that features one of my tweets.

“Lake Highlands Speech and Debate Team Headed to Nationals” – An article about my success with the Lake Highlands High School Debate Team.

“Do the Dew” – The music video for a humorous rap song I wrote and performed about the soda Mountain Dew.

“I Love Pluckers” – The music video for my rap song I wrote and performed with the Pluckers Wing Bar marketing team.

“The Zeta Z Factor 2014” – “The ladies of the Kappa chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha present… THE Z FACTOR 2014! Come out to the Zeta Z Factor Sunday, April 6th at Hogg Auditorium from 5-7pm. Tickets are $5 admission, but bring ca$h to vote for the contestant that you want to win! All proceeds go to the ZTA Foundation, and the Z factor winner will receive a check to the philanthropy of their choice!”