LIBERTY OR LEAVE: The GOP has a choice.

We’ve reached a turning point – or at least I hope so.

Republicans have spewed their outdated and backwards social conservatism for far too long.  Finally (better late than never, right?) it’s really costing them.  Todd Akin (“legitimate rape”) of Missouri and Richard Mourdock (pregnancies from rape are God’s intentions) of Indiana lost.  Nationally, minorities, one of the fastest growing demographics, young voters, and women abandoned the Republicans on election night.

And understandably.  It’s 2012.  The government shouldn’t be telling people how to handle their own bodies.  The government shouldn’t be deciding who can and can’t marry.

The rhetoric of the Republicans on economic issues is on point (although the actual policies are a little disappointing).  The government should be kept out of our pockets.  But the government should also be kept out of the bedroom.  If the Republicans continue to preach their gospel of social conservatism, the ‘Grand Old Party’ won’t be so grand.

Hopefully, they’ll shift towards liberty, towards equality, towards freedom. If they don’t, well, I wouldn’t be too upset in ten years without the GOP.