Beyond Business & Basketball: A Look at Mark Cuban

Many people, especially us Texans, are very familiar with Mark Cuban, but the owner of the Mavericks and investor on the show Shark Tank (among many other things) rarely discusses his interests outside of sports and business, so I figured I’d ask him.

For a man who seems to do/has done it all, Cuban was not only easy to reach, he also replied to my email within a few hours, which is a rarity from anyone, let alone a multi-billionaire.  Maybe it shouldn’t be very surprising because, as anyone who has watched a Mavs game or followed him on Twitter, Cuban isn’t exactly shy.  (Just for the record, the NBA has fined him nearly two million dollars since he bought the Mavericks in 2000.)

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What do you want for Christmas?

When Christmas approaches, I often get caught up in my desire for material things, and I lose sight of what really matters. Continue reading

Sexism in the Bible: Mark 7:24-30

Mark 7:24-30 text.

Although unknown, the author of the Gospel of Mark was almost undoubtedly a male, just like the rest of Biblical authors are assumed to be.  By using the feminist method of Biblical criticism, we can closely examine how the author, both explicitly and implicitly, views women.  Living in an extremely patriarchal society, the author clearly displays the sexism that was so common in the era, and so common throughout the Bible itself.  This negative view of women is especially exposed in the passage of Mark 7:24-30, in which Jesus interacts with a Syrophoenician Gentile woman.

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