10 of my favorite articles that I wrote in 2017

2017 list lead photo.jpg
For a few years now, I’ve written an annual summary of my work—not that anyone asked for it. (See 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.) So, I guess it’s about that time again this year.
I kicked off the year freelancing in Dallas. In February, I moved back down to Austin to start my gig with theCHIVE’s social media.
At theCHIVE, I create and curate content like memes and funny videos and I get to watch a whole lot of dog videos and honestly it’s not a bad gig. I also make a weekly list of funny Tweets, which hopefully you’ll find funny too. Over the year, I’ve sharpened my skills with social media, Photoshop, video editing, analytics, and knowing what it takes to make a h*ckin good doggerino go viral.
(And cats too!)
In addition to my work at theCHIVE, I continued to freelance throughout the year. For the Dallas Morning News, I wrote editorials, opinion columns, and conducted Q&As. I covered music for the Dallas Observer and the Dallas Morning News’ GuideLive. Over the summer, I aggregated a few articles for the Houston Chronicle as well.
Below, in chronological order, you can check out ten of my favorite articles that I wrote in 2017.

1. “Rice University takes the lead in preventing sexual assault on campusDallas Morning News editorial / Jan. 5

2. “Atmosphere Reflect on Past Dallas Performances Before Bomb Factory Show / Dallas Observer music interview / Jan. 17

3. “How politicians profit from stoking conflict and how we can stop it / Dallas Morning News Q&A / Feb. 8


4. “Why Texas needs to abolish one-punch straight-ticket voting / Dallas Morning News editorial /. Feb. 8

5. “Mike Godwin on Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies in the age of Trump / Dallas Morning News Q&A / Feb. 21


6. “Houston decriminalizes pot; let’s hope Dallas is paying attention/ Dallas Morning News editorial / Mar. 1


7. “Trump takes office and suddenly, GOP doesn’t care about wasteful spending / Dallas Morning News column / Apr. 28

8. ” Dallas hip-hop primer: 3 names to know, 3 can’t-miss venues and 6 tracks to play on repeatDallas Morning News’ GuideLive / May 24

9. “Ivanka Trump’s “Why I Disagree With My Dad” ‘Us Weekly’ Cover Story bashed online/ Houston Chronicle / Jun. 7

10. “Why can’t Trump denounce white terrorists as he does ISIS terrorists? / Dallas Morning News column / Aug. 17

And now I guess we’ll see what 2018 holds. Thanks for reading.