Rhetoric of Hip Hop Blog – Friday, April 11

Blogging assignment, due Friday (April 11), 5pm:

  • Create a sound or video remix of one source related to your controversy. You might:
    • Add background music and sound effects to a speech or interview in order to encourage a certain reading of it
    • Add music to a movie clip to reinterpret it (think McConnelling)
    • Cut up, loop, re-arrange audio or video
    • Put two (or more) audio/video sources in conversation with each other by cutting back and forth between them
    • Distort audio material using reverb, EQ, and filters
    • Distort video material using filters and cropping
    • manipulate the tempo of your audio/video material to create a rhetorical effect
  • Obviously you cannot do all of this at once. Pick one or two techniques that will work for your source and apply them with a clear effect in mind.
  • Upload your project to Youtube and link it on your blog (if you prefer to not make it public, you can upload it to the “Remixes” folder on this wiki)