Rhetoric of Hip-Hop Blog 3 February 7

This is your first free blogging assignment. Use it to reflect on anything having to do with the class so far. This can be on a hip hop-related topic, for instance a song/video/image you found that you want to discuss. But you can also choose to write about aspects of the course organization (e.g. specific assignments), or you might want to come back  to any of the course strands specified on the syllabus and start reflecting about your progress in them so far. As I said, I do not read everybody’s post every week, but if you are writing something that would benefit from my immediate attention (e.g. “I really wish we’d have a couple more readings each week…”), just let me know and I’ll make sure to prioritize.

So far, I’ve especially enjoyed this class because of it’s hands-on approach – all students are not only allowed, but encouraged to chime in with their opinions. Part of the beauty of hip-hop is how accessible it is for people who want to join. For example, anyone with a voice can try to rap. So it’s only fitting that all students are given an equal opportunity to express themselves in class.

I also appreciate how Axel allows us to get away from the original topic, as long as the topic we’re discussing is still related to hip-hop in some way. Learning should be about exploring, not simply following directions, so I find the class not only informative, but interesting and exciting. I not only learn in class, but I’m motivated to continue learning about hip-hop beyond our class material. And that’s how education should be.