Mac McCann


I’m a Plan II Honors, Religious Studies, and History triple-major at The University of Texas at Austin, expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2016. I’m passionate about writing, politics, history, religious studies, music (especially hip-hop) and comedy.

As a writer, my works have been published in The Dallas Morning News, The Huffington Post, The Austin American-Statesman, Austin Chronicle, Dallas Observer, OC Weekly, Phoenix New Times and The Daily Texan, among other publications. Since I was first published in 2011, I’ve written over 100 articles, including news stories, opinion columns, show reviews, music reviews, interviews, research papers, listicles, humor pieces, and letters to the editor.

For more information, check out my “About” section.

Reporting Clips:

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Phone: 214.460.3490

5 thoughts on “Mac McCann

  1. Just read your article in Dallas Morning News titled, “Not me me me”. I am 24 and feel like you really captured exactly what I’d like to say to older generations. Well said! I am happy to have you speak on my behalf!

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